Better keyboard this time.

So now I’m typing on my mom’s Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. Surprising it’s pretty comfortable. The only thing that bothers me is where it splits down the middle of the keyboard. On the right-most part of the left half of the keys are the T, G and B key. This upsets me, because I always used my right hand to type a B. Now I make this awkward movement with my left index finger to hit the B. Unfortunately this is my mistake as I remember in my 5th grade typing class being told that B is supposed to be reached with the left hand… I don’t know how you people do it. 

So yeah it’s 3:03 AM and, of course, I can’t sleep. This is becoming a common theme of the Summer if you couldn’t tell. At least I have a much nicer keyboard this time, though.

I honestly cannot wait to go back to college. I’m bored to hell. I work 4-5 hour shifts at The Market doing work that doesn’t matter at all… And when I’m not working, I’m sitting around either hanging with Steph (which is okay) or just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I also use my fair share of Minecraft. 

I want to go back to school so I can be productive again. I want to have important work to be done. I want to be up late at night doing things that actually matter. I can’t wait to pull my first all-nighter at the library due to over-procrastination. I’m looking forward to the new subjects I’ll be covering. Multivariate calc I heard was tough but I love calculus, so it’s cool. I’ll be taking two core computer science classes: Computing and programming methodology. I’ll also be taking an intro to C programming. Then physics, which should be fine because I covered it in high school. Then some gened about comic books. I’ve got a 20 credit semester ahead of me, but that’s alright. I took 21 first semester and 19 last semester. People hear that and look at me like I’m crazy.

I can’t wait to go downtown on Friday nights with the guys to get Antonio’s and stay up late playing ping pong. I can’t wait to not be the stupid ass who parties every night and doesn’t do well in class. I can’t wait to feel like my future is actually going to happen soon. 

I don’t know if I’m repeating anything from my last two posts… Whatever, I’m making good progress here.

I’ve already considered grad school. I’m considering game development. This all started with when I decided to watch “Indie Game: The Movie” on netflix one night when I was bored. I watched it and was amazed. Something clicked. I grew up attached to my N64 and PS2. I’ve always loved gaming. And ever since I took computer science classes, I’ve always thought about games differently while playing them. For example; Whenever I play a game, I might think to myself “I wonder if this is just a series of if statements that deals with limiting where we can go and when we hit a wall” and then I might watch a video one how to program graphics in Java and I’d learn that it’s something called collision detection. And what’s even better is that I’m seeing how things I’m learning in college will definitely be relevant to all of this, like linear algebra… (Fucking hate linear algebra…)

I think that if I do well in computer science here at UMass, and if I don’t come up with another idea by graduation, I’d like to go spend the Fall/Winter with my Dad in Florida while attending grad school at UCF’s FIEA video game development program. It’s rated by the Princeton Review as one of the top grad schools for video game dev. and I think I’d love it. I’ve watched a ton of videos and read up on it quite a bit. Pretty much every student who graduates gets a job in a big time game company (EA, Irrational, Bethesda, etc). 

But I still wonder, is this something I can see myself doing?

For some reason, I have this feeling that I’m going to fail out of computer science and I’ll need to switch majors. Like it’s going to get way too hard. I don’t know.

I feel like I still belong in the field of music. I wish I didn’t care about money at all or else I would have definitely continued with Jazz Bass performance. I would love to record with amazing musicians. Maybe I’m just still in the process of accepting that music will always be my favorite hobby. 

Speaking of music, I’m obsessed with a dude named Thundercat right now. He’s fucking nasty. He plays a six string bass and plays chords and sings and nandan;to;gni… Listen to him.

Alright. I think I’m officially ready to go to sleep. It’s 3:22 AM.

Good night.


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