Response to modern genocide posts.

Will genocide ever stop? As long as there is the capacity for evil in the world, probably not. Genocide starts with the fear of a group of people, and then is drastically escalated to the level of murder due to a certain individual’s or group’s evil ideas of mass executions being the best solution. The world will always have differences, there is no way that will change; so the only possible way to end genocide is to eliminate evil from the world (and it’s pretty obvious that won’t happen if it hasn’t happened by now). In Adam Ferguson’s blog, he speaks about the atrocities committed against the Bosnian by the Serbian forces in 1995. Ferguson elaborates on the ways they were murdered, emphasizing the disgust in such a crime. From his post, we can see a dark undertone to the reality of genocide; one that is often overlooked: There are people with evil minds in the world who will come together to commit evil acts, and this is inevitable. Holly Matthew’s post uses a very similar method. She describes the 2003 genocide in Darfur by mentioning the concentration camps the people must stay in, and the horrible consequences if they don’t (rape, murder). This further backs up the point that genocide is motivated by an evil root of man, and will not go away until that part of man is suppressed.


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