Music Theory Writing Assignment

Of course music is something that is vital to most of our daily lives: We sing a tune in the shower, we turn the radio on in the car, we download music so we can have it at the press of a button. In the past year, at least one of these instances may have included the new popular artist Adele. We may find ourselves singing along to “Rolling in the Deep” as we step into the shower, or, not surprisingly, “Someone Like You” will be on one of our preset stations, both of these situations possibly leading to logging into iTunes and purchasing either song. Why is Adele so memorable? Why is she all over the radio? Like most lyrics, hers are written about love and breakup, so what makes her so special? 

First of all, the most unique thing about Adele is her voice. Unlike most whiney pop singers who strive to hit high notes (often resulting in yelling…), Adele is definitely in the range of an alto voice. She hones a very distinct thick quality to her tone as she sings and it stands out in the crowd of today’s solo artists. This itself is one of the very marketable things about Adele; her voice attracts attention because it’s different. However, a unique voice would not be enough to get her a Grammy; no, she must also have music to accompany her that would attract a listeners ear.

On her album 21, Adele uses her songs to vent anger and sadness towards a nasty break up she experienced. One of the album’s songs, “Rolling in the Deep,” contains lyrics that hold true to the albums theme, but also very driving music behind the lyrics. In many popular songs, emphasis is put on beats two and four, but in this song, there is a constant beat (subdivided into eighth notes, actually) that does not let up. This constant rhythm reinforces Adele’s anger and also can amp the listener. If this song came on in the radio, you’d probably tap the steering wheel to the beat as you drive (no pun intended).

An admirable thing about Adele is her stage presence. No, she does not make use of fireworks or trapeze artists during a show. In fact, she’s practically motionless. As Adele performs, she simply stands at a mic stand, delivering raw emotion through her lyrics. She uses here hands and facial expression to emphasize emotion. Audience have actually been driven to tears as she sings “Someone Like You”. Sure many people love Katy Perry because when she performs she is all over the stage in crazy attire, however Adele’s simplistic nature on the stage is loved by an enormous crowd who simply want to go to a concert for music. 

In conclusion, we could say that Adele is a very gifted new musician. Her personality is loved by many, as she cracks jokes on stage in her goofy British accent, and her emotion is shared by millions as she writes songs of heartbreak. People can identify with Adele, and possibly even look up to her. She is more realistic than other artists as she is not incredibly thin, nor is she incredibly beautiful, but her music speaks for her. 


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