Interview with Danny Justice. Time – 6:42

A Brief Interview with Danny Justice.

Q: What is the title of your story?
A: A Race for the Ages

Q:What is your story about?
A: About two characters, one good and one bad competing against each other in a fun race for charity.

Q:Who is your main character?
A: Lamby, a 17 year old high school boy.

Q: What are some good traits he possesses?
A: He tries to be nice to everyone else, and wants to help out everyone he can.

Q: Does he have flaws?
A: He is extremely naïve.

Q: Who is the antagonist? Are they a complete foil?
A: The antagonist is Lord Cobblseworth, a rich business owner who has no regard for anyone else.

Q: Tell me more about this foot race.
A: It is a race for charity, that will benefit people with paralysis. Get it?

Q: Does the antagonist learn his/her lesson?
A: No, no he does not but he doesn’t get what he wants so ha!

Q: If so, is this the moral of the story? If not, what is it?
A: Honesty is the best policy :3

Q: How do you plan to structure the story book?
A: I plan to have a large picture, and under it text explaining what is going on. No dialogue, just commentary on the pictures

Q: Why is your story important?
A: This story is an example of how I think the world should work.

Q: Does it relate to you at all?
A:It relates to me in the way that I as a person have always tried to be as nice as possible, and this story sort of embodies my morals.

Q: Do you think it will be easy to write in a form for 5th graders?
A: Most definitely, I feel that it can be easy for anyone to read!

Q: What do you think is a good strategy for planning out a book is? How did you prepare yourself?
A: Pft, honestly I’m the last person you wanna ask about that…but if I had to answer I would say just doing as much as you can before you start to hate it. When you start hating it, stop cause then it wont be any good. You have to love your story.

Q: What do you hope the audience will get out of your story?
A: Their first thought should be “Daniel Justice is extremely clever and talented” followed shortly by a brief consideration on the moral question I put forward, and maybe some reflection on how they live their life.

Q: Is your story a narrative or 1st person?
A: A narrative fo sho

Q: If there are illustrations, will you be the illustrator?
A: Yes and Yes :p

Q: How long do you think your book will be?
A: 15ish pages….realize that this is not all of texts hah

Q: When do you plan to be completely finished?
A: Oh, probably days before the deadline.

Q: Is there a subplot?
A: As of right now? No, but that’s a good idea.


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2 Responses to Interview with Danny Justice. Time – 6:42

  1. Adam Ferguson says:

    You sir, need to hyperlink

  2. Daniel Justice says:

    Adam their is no story to hyperlink to. Sir.

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